Pay Per Click – Google Ad Words

‘Pay Per Click’ can be an effective way to further boost website traffic. Advertise your website to potential customers around top search results. The most popular Pay Per Click is Google Ads followed by Per Per Click on then Yahoo. With Google Ad Words we can advertise specific areas of your website to increase targeted sales for a particular sale or service. Additionally, Ad Words can be used to push business focus in particular areas globally depending on marketing strengths.

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Pay Per Click – Sponsored Search Results

Pay Per Click is a form of sponsored advertisement which puts your business in the spotlight instantly. When potential customers hit your selected keywords your website will list at the top of the page. The aim is to have guaranteed website traffic with your target audience. When a click has been made, a small fee will apply ‘Pay Per Click’, this will then be reduced from your Pay-Per-Click Campaign.

Google Ad Words

At Majestic we use Google Ad Words network that is focused on keyword search terms. We identify search terms directly relating to your business needs and what people would use when searching for your products or services. Googles Ad Word network assesses searches submitted by the user and depending on its relevance to your pre-determined key words shows your business advertisement. Fees only apply when a direct or strongly related hit takes place relating to your key words. This way the service proves cost effective and a budget can be put in place upfront to prevent overspending.

Google Adwords, Pay Per Click, Peterborough
Google Adwords, Boost Traffic, Pay Per Click

Powerful Addition to Any Website

Sponsored links, sponsored advertisement, and pay per click are all similar non-organic methods to make your website and ultimately your business more powerful. At majestic we can provide a complete effective website package that works for you.