Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is the process of automatically adjusting a websites layout and resolution to suit the device it is being viewed upon, making it mobile friendly. With the use of smart phones and tablets going through the roof the need for responsive web design couldn’t be in higher demand. Being mobile friendly is key, responsive web design can change all aspects of a website to keep it user friendly and effective with no input from the user.

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Responsive Mobile Website

‘Responsive Web Design’ is the most effective way for web developers to create a mobile friendly website. It’s now essential for websites to be responsive mobile friendly, more and more people are searching the internet using mobile devices. Majestic Web Design can enable your website to automatically adjust to screen sizes on all mobile platforms such as BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Netbook and Kindle. The website must be compatible for these varying screen resolutions, this is called responsive web design.

Responsive Websites Are Mobile Friendly

Responsive Web Design is developing a website that responds to the user’s comportment and environment, based on screen size, platform and device orientation. We at Majestic Web Design will develop your website to allow a mixture of flexible grids and layouts, which intellectually amends the images and CSS to perform correctly on all mobile devices. As the website is switched from a laptop or home computer to an iPad for instance, then the website will automatically switch using its responsive capability to accommodate the resolution, image size for that device and the script required. This responsive web design eliminates the requirement for different websites for each new gadget on the market.

Responsive Website Designs Peterborough