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Search Engine Optimisation – SERPS

Search Engine Optimisation is extremely important as there are millions of website pages on the internet however the most important aspect to a web master is the search engine results pages commonly known as SERPs.

Search engine optimisation is extremely important part of the SERPs, as competition is fierce and technical developments in web search is becoming more important for website marketers, the ability to know and understand how search terms work, this will maximise your website visibility.

What Is Search Engine Results Pages – How Do They Work

Search engine results pages are those web pages which are present to the web server when he/she searches for a specific thing online using a search engine, most common being Google. When the user enters that specific search term (known as keywords), the search engine shows these as a SERP.

Every SERP will be unique for every search query performed on the same search engine (such as Google, Bing ext.), while using the same keywords. This is because all search engines customise SERPs based on a wide range of factors beyond that particular search term (keywords). These factors include: users physical location, browsing history, any social settings on that device.

Search engine results are constantly in fluctuation due to amendments from Google, Bing and other search engine providers. They aim to offer the user a more instinctual, responsive experience.

Search Engine Optimisation – Organic Results

SERPs show to the user two types of content – “organic” results and paid results (pay-per-click). Search engine optimisation will assist organic results as these are web pages which will appear as a result from the search engines algorithm. Majestic Web Design are professionals on search engine optimisation, commonly known as SEO. We specialize in optimising website content to rank more highly in organic search results.

Search Engine Optimisation – Pay-Per-Click

Finally, pay-per-click searches are those which appear during SERPs and can be displayed on top, the side, or bottom of the page. Pay-per-click or paid ads have a high commercial intent, these SERPs may include the keywords such as “buy” and other terms that suggest a strong desire to make a purchase.

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